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David I. Miller vs. transgender people

David I. Miller is an American psychologist who published pathologizing research on sex and gender minorities while working with J. Michael Bailey at Northwestern University.


Miller earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Physics from Harvey Mudd College in 2010, then did graduate work at University of California – Berkeley before earning a Ph.D. in Psychology from Northwestern University in 2018.

Miller has published on sex and gender minorities with Kevin J. Hsu and Allen Rosenthal. He is one of the the few “autogynephilia” activists under age 50.


Hsu, K. J., Rosenthal, A. M., Miller, D. I., & Bailey, J. M. (2017). Sexual arousal patterns of autogynephilic male cross-dressers. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 46, 247-253.

Hsu KJ, Rosenthal AM, Miller DI, Bailey JM (2016). Who are gynandromorphophilic men? Characterizing men with sexual interest in transgender women. Psychological Medicine, 46, 819–827.


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