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Domenico di Ceglie vs. transgender people

Domenico di Ceglie is an Italian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst best known for founding the Tavistock Clinic in the United Kingdom. He wrote a number of papers based on disease models of gender identity and expression.

Because centralized federal clinics that dole out limited socialized medicine consistently fail the trans people they are tasked to serve, the Tavistock gender clinic was finally shut down in 2022.


Di Ceglie has the following education and training:

  •  1965 Diploma di Maturita ‘Scientifica’ Liceo A. Volta – Milano 
  • 1972 Degree with honours (110/110 cum Laude) in Medicine and Surgery at University of Perugia 
  • 1972 Diploma di Abilitazione All ‘Esercizio Della Professione di Medico Chirurgo (State DMS) 
  • 1976 Diploma of Specialization in Psychiatry, (50/50 e Lode) 
  • University of Perugia (EEC recognised Specialist Qualification) 

In 1989 he founded the Gender Identity Development Clinic at St George’s Hospital in London, moved to Portman Clinic in 1996. 


di Ceglie lays out the four 20th-century disease models:

  • The first is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edn) (DSM—IV; American Psychiatric Association, 1994). This sets criteria for children, adolescents and adults (Box 1) and requires that four criteria be satisfied for the diagnosis to be made. Criteria A and B refer to two aspects of gender identity disorder: A to evidence of cross-gender identification; and B to the experience of discomfort about one’s biological sex and the feeling of inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex.
  • The second is the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD—10, F64.2; World Health Organization, 1992). In this classification there is no distinction between criteria A and B and “the diagnosis requires a profound disturbance of the normal gender identity; mere tomboyishness in girls or girlish behaviour in boys is not sufficient”.
  • Third is Rosen et al‘s (1977) distinction between cross-gender identification and gender-behaviour disturbance. This classification has proved unsatisfactory, as a large number of children (71%) present both characteristics (Reference Bentler, Rekers and RosenBentler et al, 1979).
  • Fourth is Stoller’s (1968) diagnosis of ‘male childhood transsexualism’. This is based on the presence in a boy of “a fixed belief that he is a member of the opposite sex and will grow up to develop the anatomical characteristics of the opposite sex” (p. 195).

Stranger in My Own Body (1998)

Di Ceglie edited Stranger in My Own Body: Atypical Gender Identity Development and Mental Health, a book that features most of the worst 20th-century clinicians focused on gender diverse youth:

  • Susan Bradley
  • Caroline Brain
  • Susan W. Coates
  • Leo Cohen
  • Peggy Cohen-Kettenis
  • Domenico Di Ceglie
  • David Freedman
  • Barbara Gaffney
  • Karine George
  • Richard Graham
  • Richard Green
  • Peter Hill
  • Leslie Ironside
  • Allison James
  • Mary Lightfoot
  • John Money
  • Mary Sue Moore
  • Mauro Morra
  • Paulina Reyes
  • Hartwin Sadowski
  • Adrian Sutton
  • Fiona Tasker
  • Judith Trowell
  • Stephanie H.M. van Goozen
  • Jane Whittaker
  • Gianna Williams
  • Peter Wislon
  • Bernadette Wren
  • Kenneth J. Zucker


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Psychoanalysis presentation:


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