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The “” hoax website

The website was created and maintained by several “autogynephilia” activists who promote Ray Blanchard’s controversial views about trans women. The two key people are:

This “autogynephilia” promotion site is run by people who want to distance their own identities from claims they are “autogynephilic.” Magner claimed to be intersex and Elliott and others claim to be Blanchard’s second of two types: “homosexual transsexual.”

This hoax site has been cited as legitimate by the following academics:

Both Bailey and Lawrence had links to the site within minutes after the site went live on 14 December 2004. They have respectively proclaimed it “thrilling” and “marvelous.”

Cast of characters on “”

Most of the “contributors” were Magner sockpuppets. The site would have died entirely after Magner died in 2012, but Elliott took it over, adding a link to

  • Denise Magner (computer programmer and engineer)
    • aliases:
      • Kiira Triea
      • Denise Tree aka Deni
      • Ariika Aeirt
      • Stephanie Alejandra Velasquez aka Steffie, Ale
      • Janelle Laren aka janie, janelle niimi, jniimi, suominiimi, janelleovl, inoue, bananainoue
      • Alex Parkinson aka Ugly
      • joannef
      • social_ecologist85
      • Jana
      • michellegirlxxx_NL
  • Candice Brown Elliott (computer engineer)
    • aliases:
      • Cloudy
      • Sillyolme
      • Seaby
      • DisplayGeek
  • Jenn Ross (computer programmer and engineer)
    • aliases:
      • Jennifer S. Davis
  • Hontas Farmer (math and physics teacher)
    • aliases:
      • BrendaQG
      • Hfarmer
      • Hontasfx
      • Lucasain
      • Smartgirl62
      • Gravitygirl62
      • Zahara_TS
      • Aisha_a_ts
  • Heike Spreitzer (linguist)
    • aliases:
      • Heike Boedeker (Heike Bödeker)
  • Tamara Roberson (computer programmer)
    • aliases:
      • Justanormalgirl
      • TGirlZoe
      • Foxxygirltamara

These five IPs represent 85% of all visits to in 2003 and 2004:

  • (IANA IP used by site owner)
  • (IANA IP used by site owner)
  • Boston-area Comcast IP
  • Southeastern Wisconsin area RoadRunner IP
  • Boulder-area Indra’s IP