"Janelle Laren": Kiira Triea sockpuppet

Denise Tree (also known as Kiira Triea) created a number of sockpuppets and bogus identities while perpetrating the transkids.us hoax site.

One of these was alleged “transkid” Janelle Laren. Tree posed as "Janie" online and used a number of screen names for this persona:

  • bananainoue
  • jniimi
  • suominiimi
  • janie
  • Janelle Niimi
  • janelleovl
  • Inoue

One trans woman who was duped by Denise Tree writes:

In this case, perhaps the most believable (because let’s face it we want to believe stories similar to ours) i have heard, namely one “Janelle Laren.” I stood up for Kiira, defended her from nay-sayers and spoke of her well. I got conned. It became obvious to me when I realized she’d called me...from a disposable cell phone. Fool me once...and then I realized that all her ‘personalities’ had the same cell phone number and that exchanges often included a lot of talking about Kiira. She claimed to go to Washington College (in Chesterton, MD), but didn’t show up in their student directory because “the bricks are after me”.

Kiira and “Janelle” and “Alejandra” all hated all transwomen who were lesbians, except of course me, because, like, I met the almighty BBL standard of transitioning before 18 and thus all bets were off.

As "Inoue" this sockpuppet was credited with the following essays on transkids.us:

What is wrong with some common transsexual ideas (Transsexual Myths) by "Inoue"

The Man Who Became A Woman by "Alejandra Velasquez" and "Inoue"

"DIY Hormone Information" by "Inoue" and "Alex"

Some claims Kiira made about her sockpuppet "Janie":

  • Age 26 in 2009 (born ~ 1983)
  • Born in Japan
  • Mother is Japanese
  • Attended Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland as an English major
  • Diagnosed with hypospadias / undescended gonads (surgery at age 4)
  • Diagnosed with PAIS
  • Raised as a boy till age 14
  • Started Ethynil estradiol at 14 (no Premarin)
  • Went to Johns Hopkins (stopped at age 16)
  • Vaginoplasty in Thailand with Sanguan in 2001 at age 18
  • Listed her home address as Kiira's old address: 814 W. 34th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211
  • Phone 443-621-1726
  • email janelle@ns1.2tough.com (compare kiira@ns1.2tough.com)

Below: Pictures associated with Kiira Triea sockpuppet Janelle Laren:

janelle laren



If you were contacted by this Denise Tree sockpuppet or have additional information, please contact me.