Kiira Triea / Denise Magner: fake names and accounts

Autogynephilia” activist Kiira Triea (Denise Magner) was a transgender internet troll who used dozens of sockpuppets in the course of her trolling.

Stephanie Alejandra Velasquez

One of Magner’s favorite sockpuppets was Stephanie Alejandra Velasquez. Magner presented this sockpuppet as an “extreme” transkid.

She wrote an online review of The Man Who Would Be Queen by J. Michael Bailey which was censored during the Amazon purge of negative book reviews in early 2004. A saved version appears below:

Some stuff wrong… but something important right

May 4, 2003

Reviewer: Stephanie Velasquez from USA 

Trannyland is having a collective cow over Michael Bailey .

Ever since autophallometrics went out of style as a part of the evaluative process involving transsexuals there has been a kind of conceit at play that both acknowledged and simultaneously denied that there did exist two definite poles of biologically male people who would want to redefine their sex identity. The problem was, one of these groups, the ones Bailey calls homosexual transsexuals, were completely invisible, their lives and stories subsumed and appropriated by a social understanding in which we appear only theoretically in the “Transsexual Discourse”. I have no complaint that I am being misrepresented by Michael Bailey as it is an improvement to having my life colonized and “disappeared” by autogynephilic transsexuals and the strange, to me at least, notion that the desire to change sex is all about deep internal feelings, passages and conundrums. Despite its flaws, his book is the only book on the subject that allows me to see some glimpse of my life as a teenaged trans-kid runaway. 

In my opinion Michael Bailey gets it right when he writes that redefining sex identity is part of a process that makes sense in an overall social/sexual and in his view, possibly biological context, for obviously feminine androphilic transsexuals and that it is part of a dynamic that involves sexuality, rather than based on some deeply felt, but unshared, internal ideation that one is actually a “woman”. 

Where I feel he goes very wrong is in making sweeping generalizations about sexuality based on his contact with a very marginalized population. It is hard to get much further down the social ladder than being a Latina transsexual sex worker. Maybe it would be much better to save the observations about homosexual transsexuals being especially suited for prostitution until such time as we are able to allow children to grow into their lives with understanding and support, rather than requiring them to prostitute themselves in an all or nothing gambit to become complete. 

Stephanie Alejandra Velasquez

USENET origins

Magner used an anonymizing service to post to USENET as this persona, first as Deni and slowly morphing to Alejandra Alvarado and finally Stephanie Alejandra Velasquez.

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More options Oct 17 1998, 11:00 pm
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 1998/10/18
Subject: A hello

Hello, I would like to introduce myself and say hello to this newsgroup. I had SRS in 1977 at the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic. I hadleft home at age 15 and used estrogen on my own – and Hopkins thought that I was a year older at the time.

I was told for a while that i was the youngest person to undergo SRS but I am not at all sure how true that is.. the surgeon I had is quite old and doing IVF now and things were rather weird at the GIC.

I am hoping to find other people who were at Hopkins GIC before it closed in )I believe) 1979 ??? Or also other Ts people who had surgery w/ Dr. Jones .. or not (meaning at the PRU but not by Jones/Whalen/Momey). Or also peopele who had sureger at an early age (before 18).

I am curious and very alone, have been completely closeted sinces the 70’s. I work as a therapist w/ autistic children.

I would also like to talk to other women who has surgery over 20 years ago.

thanks… Deni

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More options Oct 18 1998, 11:00 pm
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 1998/10/19
Subject: A hello

In article <362A41B3.5…> you wrote:

: It’s a funny thing, you posting at this time. Some of my family members
: were just asking about the program that Johns Hopkins used to have. Do
: you know the reason they closed it down? I would be interested in
: hearing from those who are alumni of that particular program. I have
: one VERY skeptcal brother and a couple of cousins who seem to never want
: to let this be and are always trying to “cure” me.

It closed down because of internal politics at Hopkins. From what I remember of what I saw, SRS was dispensed almost purely on the basis of passability – this was great for me but not so great for the confused DQs and TVs who also had surgery and then discovered they could not orgasm any longer. I have learned all this since I was there. Once I got from them what I wanted I left and never went back. It was not a good place. Mark McHugh, the current head of psych there, accepted the job stating that it was his mission to shut down the GIC and put an end to sex change surgery.


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More options Jan 17 1999, 12:00 am
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 1999/01/17
Subject: “Being a Woman”

Emi Melissa Briet wrote:
> *sigh*

> Again with this…

> Ask GGs someday how much they like having to take 30 minutes on their
> appearance! Sure they may like the results, but I doubt very many like
> the fact that they feel they have to do so much to get the look.

Women do not _need_ to use makeup to proclaim their sex however, they
will be accepted as female with or without makeup.

> Would you say that a GG who decides not to specifically style her hair
> or decides one day not to put on make up has “flaws” in her
> presentation? Would you question that maybe she’s FtM and doesn’t
> know it?

Well her mother might complain – her friends might ask if she is depressed or admonish her to “fix herself up” and pay attention to her appearance. This is especially true of women who are attractive – they certainly do not need to use makeup or wear dresses to establish their sex identity but there is often social preasure for them to conform. This is a different dynamic than that facing _most_ m2f TSs.

>Obviously MtF’s need at least a makeup job to hide a beard if it’s not
>electro-removed, and FtM’s with significant breast growth need to bind
>them, but other than that, should we really have to worry that much
>about our presentation? We’re men and women, not streotypes of them!

So that’s it? A little makeup for M2Fs, some breast binding for FtMs? It seems to me that you are contradicting yourself because if you:

>When I see myself in my mind, I am female. I self-identify as a
>woman. That is how I know I *am* a woman, despite the fact that my
>body is male.

then you would not need to hide your beard. I think it entails a great deal more than just the acquisition of female aspect – but that is a definite starting point if you have been socialized as a male and have a male body. For whatever reason, M2F TSs want female bodies and female social acceptance. You may see yourself as any number of identities in your mind but humans are social creatures and the way that other people see you is a part of your identity too. 😉

I can’t help but to perceive your assertion that you *are* a woman, despite your male body, as an expression of delusion or male privledge. If you go to a girl’s bar will you be perceived as a butch lesbian, a man or a transsexual? It is a bit paradoxical but you would need to be _very_ feminine as an M2F to be accepted as a butch lesbian or lesbian at all. I consider acceptance by lesbians to be pretty much the acid test for “passing”. 

I’ve only written here once or twice. I use a friends computer. Next month I am 20 years post-op. I had surgery at 17 at Hopkins GIC in 1977 and transitioned when I was 14 YO.


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More options Feb 15 1999, 12:00 am
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 1999/02/15
Subject: amazing…

In article <7a9r25$ue…> you wrote:

: The “bitter and angry” people who run around this group didn’t bother saying
: anything to Chaundra about being “careful” and “don’t be too naive” or
: anything of that sort. I like to think of Chaundra as both an IQ test and a
: humanity test.

Humanity test? Now there’s a paradoxical little phrase that speaks volumes. Did you ever stop to consider (it’s also called “empathy” in this context) how people might feel who have been deceived into offering their sincere support? Will they be pleased to have gained membership in *your* club, to have passed your test? Or will they feel a bit more cautious next time around?

In my 24 years post-transition I’ve really never encountered the phenomenon of women constructing IQ tests for other women. Most women generally refrain from such arrogant and hierarchal behavior.


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More options May 11 1999, 11:00 pm
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 1999/05/12
Subject: SRS: the good *AND* the bad

This is a hard question to answer honestly but I think it is a good one to ask. I had surgery when I was very young at the GIC at Johns Hopkins, 1977, and they did a very poor job there.

Best things

1. No longer needed to worry about getting srs.
2. healed very quickly

Worst things

1. anorgasmic
2. appearance would not fool a blind celibate gay priest
a. no labia
b. no clitoris
c. no introitus (just looks like a hole in my perineum)
d. mostly scar tissue from urethral opening to opening of “vagina”
e. ugly scar from graft
3. no depth, 2″ maybe, if I would try hard with a small dilator
4. many UTIs from unprotected urethral opening
5. Would not be able to have sex with men if I wanted


Despite these problems I feel I did the right thing by transitioning extremely young (and on my own). I could have waited 10 years for better surgical techniques perhaps but instead I bypassed male puberty and did not pay for surgery. I am in a weird position though because I “pass” perfectly but my genitals do not.


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More options Jun 27 1999, 11:00 pm
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 1999/06/28
Subject: Reversing SRS? a message for Alan
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miche…> you wrote:

: The original SOC required a period of RLT before HRT, and there are
: still places around (e.g., the Clarke and many European clinics) where
: that is still a requirement.

: Some therapists have required their clients to wear skirts all the
: time, to wear their nails long and wear nail polish, and even to wear
: breast forms–and not too long ago at that.

In 1977 when I had surgery at Hopkins GIC one was required to pass very very well and behave in very gender-appropriate fashion for a female. I worked as a waitress as I was very young – they fell all over themselves getting me to surgery because they wanted results. This also happened with some very passable people who really should not have opted for surgery though – they got all caught up in seeking approval and “making the grade” so to speak only to discover post-op that they were very unhappy and being a DQ or TV was not so fun anymore.

This is ancient history now I know but just a few years ago a very passable person came out to me (not knowing my history) and told me how her therapist asked her to try wearing dresses, makeup, etc. and urged her to quit her job working in a bicycle shop. This was in spite of the fact she looked just fine with no makeup and jeans and t-shirt and had been living on her own RLT for three years since age 18 before she went to get her letters. This therapist had also told her that “I am the only game in town, you have to go through me to get approval”. So it’s probably not a bed of roses for everyone even today even though from the accounts I read when I lurk here it sure seems to have improved.


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More options Feb 23 2000, 12:00 am
From: anon-22… (Deni)
Date: 2000/02/23
Subject: TS/IS dynamics

Hi Julie,

I have posted here a very few times and I also know Kiira in real life. I went to a lecture she gave at a college in 1997 because I knew from her published writing that she was also at Hopkins (I had surgery at Hopkins when I was very young in 1977) and I had never met anyone else who was there.

First though I really want to say how honest and real your previous post, talking about surgical results and your girlfriend, seemed to me. I think that you hit the nail on the head. My surgical results are quite bad, but it is something that I CHOSE to do. Kiira doesn’t tell the half of it, Hopkins is a terrible place, but I could have walked away and did not. I chose not to. I have the peace that comes from needing something, going after and paying a certain price and living with my choices. Kiira and the few other IS people I have met through her do not have that in their lives at all. From what I have learned, most of them were not asked anything AT ALL about what they wanted or needed.

Julie wrote:
:Karen A. wrote:

:> Also why would that *have* to be the case for intersexed infants
:> that are operated on (IO am not advocating that they are
:> operated on)?

I find it appalling that you would even ask such an insensitive question.

Look at it this way. I’m a surgeon and I don’t like the way you look, or your genitals. I’ve decided that you should be a man and since it is 2019 and laws have been passed giving all surgeons UTTER and COMPLETE control over sexual anatomy, it’s off to the OR for surgical re-reassignment as a male. You will be very pleased because phalloplasty is VERY effective now!

:> BTW, the adult TS’s who went to certain doctors 30 years ago got
:> *exctly* that type of surgery…

: No, they didn’t. I know a number of 30+ year post-ops and they
: had SRS that was much better than what those girls get.

I had the same surgeon as Kiira (and also the boy David Reimer who has been in the news lately). He sucks. But *I* walked into Hopkins and *I* TOLD THEM I wanted surgery. It doesn’t matter whether my surgery is better or worse than Kiira’s (it’s better). What matters is that it is WHAT I WANTED. I determined at a really young age that I was a primary transsexual, wanted surgery desperately and DECIDED to do whatever was needed to accomplish my goals. I lied (about my age), broke the law (was a runaway, obtained hormones without a doctor) and got what I needed. Not only do I not regret it, I’m proud of it.

Karen A where did you get the idea that being a women means being a victim? Do you see girls and women in literature or on television acting like victims? Which women do you admire? Are they victims?


Alejandra Alvarado

Banned “Autogynephilia” Yahoo group

Eccentric USENET troll Willow Arune created a Yahoo support group in 2003. Magner posted under several sockpuppets, at one point forgetting to switch accounts from her Asian sockpuppet “Suki” (aishiteru1961) to the Velasquez sockpuppet.

Message 4231
From:   “aishiteru1961” < aishiteru1961@y… >
Date:   Tue Nov 9, 2004  2:51 pm 
Subject:   Introduction 

Hello. I have been reading AGP-support since June of this year with great interest. I am a 42 year old Japanese transsexual woman raised in Japan, southeast asia and the USA – I transitioned and had surgery here in the early 80s with my parents blessing. I have only met and socialized with primary transsexuals or homosexual transsexuals myself though I am not really completely like them at all. I believe my transsexuality was motivated by autogynephilia so extreme that I had no attracion to women at all. Because I passed easily and transitioned young at 19, I originally believed I was like the HS transsexuals of SE Asia with whom I have often been friends – with the advantage of wealthy parents and good education. The more I learned of myself and of them however the more I came to understand that there is a profound difference. Now I understand those differences in terms of Dr. Blanchard’s theories. I have been particularly moved by the insights of several writers here, primarily Kendra and Alejandra Velasquez.

I believe that AG is tremendously variable in contrast to homosexual transsexuality. It is such a peculiar form of sexuality that it places severe spiritual and emotional tests on our development as humans. I believe from observing American autogynephilic transsexuals that many, possibly most, do not do a particularly noble job of coping with that challenge. 


Below is a note sent in response to Kendra Blewitt (in italics). Here, “Suki” talks about how she misses “Alejandra” and finds honesty admirable.

Message 4272 of 4885
From:   “aishiteru1961” < aishiteru1961@y… >
Date:   Mon Nov 15, 2004  10:46 am 
Subject:   Re: Introduction

Hi Kendra,

Thanks for the compliment. It is a pity that Alejandra no longer posts here. I miss her.

I also. However Ican understand why she and her friends left.

I believe that AG is tremendously variable in contrast to homosexual transsexuality.
I agree.

I must admit I envy them sometimes as their group is very alike in many ways. If you are a different form of AGP however you will have very few people in the world to relate to on the subject, if you ever come to an internal understanding of yourself.

It is such a peculiar form of sexuality that it places severe spiritual and emotional tests on our development as humans. I believe from observing American autogynephilic transsexuals that many, possibly most, do not do a particularly noble job of coping with that challenge. 
True, they are almost all in deep denial about it. I don’t know why. Yes, I would like to have a female brain too. But I would rather be honest. 

Your honesty is admirable.

Your English is very good, Suki. The two languages are so different that this is an admirable accomplishment. There is no way in the world that I could learn Japanese. 

Oh, English is the second language to many people in Asia and especially Japan. I went to school in England and the United States. One of my primary interests is linguistics btw – I have worked as a translator. 


Finally, we have this note that came out shortly after the transkids site went live. In her anger, Magner forgot to change screen names and posted as “Alejandra” under the “Suki” account. I am sure it’s difficult to keep all those sockpuppets straight, especially when you are an unstable kook and suddenly become agitated as “Alejandra” does below.

Message 4420
From:   “aishiteru1961” < aishiteru1961@y… >
Date:   Sat Dec 18, 2004  6:48 pm 
Subject:   omg this is pathetic 

This is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. I had no idea they were going to go this nuts. 

“The Evil Man” … is the guy we bought our web site from who owns a small ISP and sells used computers and websites to local bands, bookstores… and us. He’s very sweet and hires GLBT folks at his shop. The “evil Arizona Connection” is um, where people buy domains from??? I thought these people knew about this stuff it’s ridiculous for me to have to explain. 

Kiira Triea… the Kiira in like 5 books about intersex, one of the 3 founders of ISNA and also interviewed in Time, Newsweek and Rolling Stone. It’s uh… it’s really just a bit of a stretch to make her out to be a evil chaser since she’s been doing support work for 12 years for intersex and ts people. 

There’s me, who several people know in 3D and phone, and Alex, Gogo and Inoue… age 19 to 22. 

Want to see why no one wants their personal info on our website? Look at the behavior of these people. 

I see what the problem is here – these people are looking into their worst nightmare… having their disgusting behavior still more documented. 

Alejandra Velasquez