Gisle Benediktsson

See Gisle J. Benediktsson. Woman of Finnish heritage living in Colorado and active on USENET in 1992-1994. Friends with Reykja K. Sigurdsson

"I could really use a list of names from Finland. I am looking specifically for women's names."

Gisle Benediktsson (July 21, 1993). Help! soc.culture.nordic

"Help! I am stuck in (of all places) Pueblo, Colorado and wouldn't be able to find a gay or lesbian movie if my life depended on it. (it often feels as though it does!)"

Gisle Benediktsson (Sep 8 1993). Looking for Lesbian Movies.

"my special other" (November 28, 1993).

House of Benedikt (signed gisle) December 5, 1992

House of Benedikt Dec 10 1992

Can one do a labial pierce with a standard needle? I would like to hear from people who have done their own and how it was done. What kind of jewelry did you select for it? I would really like to do this for myself but am unsure as to how I should do it to be safe and sure. thanks..