Internet fakes: ""

Several excellent and legitimate online resources for transgender children and their families exist:

Unfortunately, a few fake sites have also popped up over the years, and a few people seeking attention or money have claimed to represent TransKids.

Now that computer forensics on the fakery got that site shut down in late 2006, the next major fake site to vector and expose is Similar investigations in the past have led to the demise of Changez Le Monde and other bogus sites by people claiming to represent young transsexual women.

Most of these sites are by pathetic kooks, trolls, and wannabes, but a few are run by scam artists looking to make money by pretending to be transwomen, or in worst case, sexual predators hoping to gain the trust of young women in our community.

Why fakes are a problem

My concern is that supposedly scientific "experts" like J. Michael Bailey and Anne Lawrence are such poor researchers that it’s unlikely they will verify sources or retract fabrications if the source says something they want to hear. I’d hate to see biographical fabrications become part of Lawrence’s published “narratives” about sexuality in the community.

Both Bailey and Lawrence had links to the "transkids" site within minutes after the site went live on 14 December 2004. They have respectively proclaimed it "thrilling" and "marvelous."

Cast of characters on ""

  • Denise Tree, aka Kiira Triea, Ariika Aeirt, Deni, Janelle, Steffie, Ale, Inoue, Janie, etc. (computer programmer and engineer)
  • Candice Brown Elliott, aka Cloudy, aka Sillyolme (computer engineer)
  • Jenn Ross, aka Jennifer S. Davis (computer programmer and engineer)
  • Hontas Farmer, aka BrendaQG, Hfarmer, Hontasfx, Lucasain, Smartgirl62, Gravitygirl62, Zahara_TS, Aisha_a_ts, etc. (wannabe physicist)
  • Heike Spreitzer, aka Heike Boedeker (linguist)
  • Tamara Roberson, aka Justanormalgirl, TGirlZoe, Foxxygirltamara, etc. (computer programmer)

Sockpuppets and pseudonymous "friends" of Kiira's

  • "Deni," an early sockpuppet of Kiira's
  • "Stephanie Alejandra Velasquez"
  • "Janelle Laren" aka janie, janelle niimi, jniimi, suominiimi, janelleovl, inoue, bananainoue, et. al
  • "Alex Parkinson" aka "Ugly"
  • "Gogo Yee"
  • "joannef"
  • "Cleopatra Jones"
  • "social_ecologist85"
  • "Jana"
  • "michellegirlxxx_NL"
Stay tuned for more/your help needed!

These five IPs represent 85% of all visits to in 2003 and 2004:

  • (IANA IP used by site owner)
  • (IANA IP used by site owner)
  • Boston-area Comcast IP
  • Southeastern Wisconsin area RoadRunner IP
  • Boulder-area Indra's IP

For a full list, see:

If you have received an email, attachment or photo from someone using these names or IP addresses in 2004 or earlier, please forward it to me for analysis. We need to vector and expose this kind of online fakery before more academics like Simon LeVay, James Cantor, and Alice Dreger take them seriously.