Back by popular demand: internet fakes

This is part of my larger look at the issue of trans wannabes on the internet and issues of internet safety for young people.

The problem of fakes continues unabated, with recent examples coming from the so-called "" movement, fake "transkid" author JT LeRoy, and the fake "transkid" featured at Most of these sites are by kooks and wannabes, but a few are run by scam artists looking to make money by pretending to be transwomen.

Lest anyone think this is a phenomenon limited to our community, in December 2003, Tech TV featured an article on The Fake Detective (a retired computer technician named Ed Lake). Mr. Lake exposes similar photoshopped fakers who digitally manipulate celebrity photos to make them more sexually explicit. Digitally altered photographs like these have even been discussed by the Supreme Court in Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition ( 00-795).

This section is an example why young women in our community need to be careful when contacting someone who claims to be a trans woman, especially a young trans woman. Again, I urge all young people to be cautious when interacting with people online who claim to be transsexual, especially if their photos or statements are provocative in nature.

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  • Trans wannabes
  • Lisanne Anderson aka "Lori Anjou"
  •, aka Denise Tree aka "Kiira Triea"
  • Gallery of Goddesses Internet Impostors archive 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7
  • How to protect yourself from fakes: internet safety

I gratefully acknowledge the Gallery of Goddesses author for allowing me to present these pages of fake transsexuals here.