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I am very pleased to announce that the "Internet Impostors" pages created by the owner of Gallery of Goddesses have been saved from oblivion!

This is part of my larger look at the issue of trans wannabes on the internet and issues of internet safety for young people.

I present the pages below without comment or editing. The only changes I have made from the originals is to add navigation links at the top and bottom.

Internet Imposters 6

I lay back.... thinking of the futility of it all....
Why do some wish to deceive and harm others this way....?

I have a string of leads on some more imposters, and I'm also convinced
more are fakes - however I need the evidence!! Any help or further leads
any of you out there in cyberspace can possibly provide will be hugely appreciated!


"Slave Lisa", of WestHollywood/Heights/1478/
Another in the now more prevalent trend of 'Photoshop Imposters'!!
I have no idea of the real model's name on the right-hand side
(and my apologies for the quality of the photo), however I think
it's pretty clear to see which photo is real and which has been
manipulated! If you bother to check out "Slave Lisa's" pages,
you'll find many more Photoshop-type pics!
Thanks to Kirk McD for this one and
to Mark C for providing a good photo of the model

Another success! As of March 2000, shortly after the above was posted,
this website was suddenly "under construction", with all the
previous content removed.....

And thanks to one of my fellow worshippers in the UK
who in January 2001 sent me this little clip,
along with another scan of the shot above.
Seems as though "Slave Lisa" used a shot of the
British Page 3 model Sandy from Mayfair magazine
in 1992 (Vol 27 No 13). Good work mate!


"Joni", of
Whoever this person is, they use Photoshop, and not very well!!
Amazingly, the first two pictures altered above belong to two
wonderful girls that are in my Gallery!! (Tiffany Michelle & Jaime Lin)
I could swear I've seen the third pic at Jenifer Rene's website,
and the last, well, if that isn't really Tracy Lynn Prince, then I'll stand on my head!!
Thanks to my buddy Greg for his great work on this one


"Abbie", of
Well, at least we now know that gorgeous Russian tennis star
Anna Kournikova has at least one devoted fan!!
So devoted in fact, that they've based an Internet TS Imposter
around the stunning yet overrated blonde baseliner!!!
Thanks to Gina Mylano for this great get!


"Swarna", of various chat rooms, and even of this website for a month!
"Swarna" was recommended to be by a good friend from the States,
one whom I trust very much. Unfortunately it seems as though "Swarna"
has conned both of us, because these are in fact photos of up-and-coming
Tamil actress Kausalya from southern India
I'm sure we'll *both* be much more diligent in the future!
Thanks to GK for pointing this one out to me

"Pia S", of WestHollywood/Club/4130/
Obviously some of these imposters have no shame......
"Pia" blatantly ripped off the photos of the stunning TV
Patricia from Sweden. I'm sorry to say it,
but "Pia" was also on my link pages for a short while!
Patricia honey, you are owed by me a spot in my Gallery for this!!
Thanks to my anonymous friend "C" for pointing this out to me

"Jenny OnLine", of
And another in the same mould......
"Jenny OnLine" is simply using Barbie from Italy's pics and insisting they are of her!
Thanks to Sarah Elliott for this great bit of info

As Charlie Brown would probably say :
"Good Grief! More Internet Imposters!!"

If any or all of these are not the case, then someone prove it to me!
As Mulder says : "I want to believe"

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