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I am very pleased to announce that the "Internet Impostors" pages created by the owner of Gallery of Goddesses have been saved from oblivion!

This is part of my larger look at the issue of trans wannabes on the internet and issues of internet safety for young people.

I present the pages below without comment or editing. The only changes I have made from the originals is to add navigation links at the top and bottom.

Internet Imposters

Vital Information for Fellow Worshippers

The T* "girls" listed below are part of new, unsightly trend
on the Web : Internet Fakes.

The thing that really irkes me about them is that the people that
invent these imposters take away from the beauty that are the
genuine article. All they do is annoy the crap out of myself and
others when they are found to be false.

So be warned! These "girls" are not who they claim to be....


"Jenni Kennedy" of WestHollywood/Village/2372/
"Jenni" has been using pics of Cindy Margolis (a VERY famous Web-based model)
and the bodies of other models with Cindy's face and claiming that they are all of her.
My heart truly broke when I discovered this...
And not only that, now "Jenni" is also using pics of top Swedish model Frida Utter as well!

"Lisa Bauer", formerly of WestHollywood/Stonewall/2868/
"Lisa" blatantly used pictures of a model named Summer A

In April 1999, only a few months after I put up the above information,
I was happy to receive the following e-mail from Summer A,
the young model whose pictures were being used by the imposter "Lisa Bauer"
This little note made me very happy and pleased that I have been able
to help a good person such as Summer A as a result of my exposure
of these internet imposters :

I recently was directed to your site after I was notified about
"Lisa Bauer" using my pictures.  I just wanted to thank you for
putting these frauds into light.  I was very upset when I learned
my photos were being stolen and after contacting various people who
had exchanged links with this person, I realized how many people had
been lied to.  It is very sad indeed when people choose to do this.
But, thanks so much for putting up your page, I do appreciate it.

Best wishes to you!

Summer A.

And soon after, "Lisa's" pages were removed. Or so we all thought....
Then, incredibly, in mid-May 1999, I discovered that "Lisa" had put her
website back up on the Web, in practically the same place!!
So, some swift e-mails later, and "Lisa Bauer" is truly no more -
this time I hope for good!!

"Eva" of WestHollywood/Village/8536/eva.html
"Eva" has used pictures of model named Lisa Karlsson from the May 1995 edition
of Australian Penthouse magazine. Notice the skin discolouration around
"Eva's" bicep area ? That's where this person has painted over the tattoo
that Lisa has in a ring running around her upper arm!

"Melanie Binouche", formerly of WestHollywood/Village/4037/
Thankfully this person has removed this website.
Thanks to those of you who pointed this out to me

"Daria" of SouthBeach/Surf/9116/
I was surfing the Net a while back, checking out a few modelling
websites, when I stumbled upon this pic of Shelly;
I certainly remember seeing this picture on "Daria's" website
(which is currently down, we'll have to see if it returns)
Some discussion with a fellow worshipper pretty much confirmed my worst fears.....
Thanks to George for his input and discussions with me


"Kristi Celeste Taylor", of WestHollywood/Heights/3069/
I knew I'd seen these pics somewhere before....
Hands up who's seen this photo of Cindy Crawford before ?
Or perhaps this one of Claudia Schiffer ?
I must admit, these are pretty artfully done in a 'photoshop'-type program,
as are the rest of the pics on this page....

Sorry all, but there's now a second page of Imposters


If any or all of these are not the case, then someone prove it to me!
As Mulder says : "I want to believe"

Any other fakes ? Info or comment on those here ? Let me know!


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