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Transgender voice video and audio resources

The free video-based resources below can help you with transgender voice practice.

Note: Listings are not endorsements.


This list focuses on speaking voice feminization. For videos on making your voice more masculine, see the speaking voice masculinization section.

While I have included my Finding Your Female Voice materials developed decades ago, I consider Trans Voice Lessons to be a next-gen improvement on my work, which was itself a next-gen update of Melanie Anne Phillips’ pioneering Melanie Speaks! VHS series from the 20th century.

Trans Voice Lessons (

YouTube: @TransVoiceLessons

Voice Feminization for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS | How to Get Started Now -

The Art of Voice Feminization | Part 1: Overview, Acoustic Resonance, and A Conceptual Framework -

Andrea James (

Finding Your Female Voice Consultation Pt 1

Zoey Alexandria (

How To Achieve A Natural Female Voice -

The “One-Step” To PERFECT Voice Feminization (NatFem Voice Method) -

Transgender Voice Training Time (Sabrina “Bria” Symington)


Adi Phoenix on SoundCloud

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