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Transgender voice apps and software

Some people want to change their speaking voice as part of their gender expression. I recommend using a spectrogram to view your voice as you practice. Below are some desktop and mobile apps that may be helpful.

Friture (

  • Real-time audio analyzer

DEVExtras (

Speechtools (

Acoustic Gender (

  • Measures resonance

GitHub (free & web-based)

Spectrograms for Windows/PC

Spectrograms for Mac OS

Mobile/tablet spectrograms

Android spectrograms

InFormant (

  • Software for voice analysis

Scinguistics (

A note on entertainment apps

There are a number of apps that can tune your voice to sound more masculine or feminine. These can be fun, but relying on a temporary voice shift may cause problems. Some people dislike their unfiltered voice after hearing it through these apps. If you plan to use a filter for online interactions, it can be an issue if your offline voice does not match when you meet someone in person.

  • Girls Voice Changer
  • Voice Changer Voice Recorder Editor & Effect
  • VoiceFX
  • Voice Changer
  • Voice Changer – Audio effects
  • Magic Call App
  • Voice Changer and Sound Recorder
  • Super Voice Editor
  • Voice Changer with Effects
  • Voice Changer – Girls Voice changer Male to Female

Historic resources

2pass Clinic Voice App ( [archive]

Exceptional Voice App ( [archive]

Exceptional Voice ( [archive])

  • Eva F and Eva M [archive]

GenderLife (


Google Play (

Heartcorps (

  • Journeys [archive]
  • Melanie Anne Phillips: Developing a Female Voice [archive]

iPhone / iOS spectrograms

In this section

Speaking voice masculinization

Speaking voice feminization