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Transgender voice practice

Some people want to change how their speaking voice sounds as part of their gender expression. Other people do not. It is your choice. Those who do often start with practice.

Free choices

Paid choices

  • Some people work with a voice coach or voice instructor, either in person or by video. Some of us only need one lesson, but others pay for many lessons.

Medical choices

  • If you can not find your voice through practice on your own or with a coach, you might consider voice therapy. This is with a trained specialist called a speech-language pathologist (SLP). For some people, this may be covered by insurance. You will need to check, though. It might not be covered.
  • I feel that you should not get voice surgery if possible. It costs a lot of money and might not work. Only get it if nothing else works. If you want surgery, meet some people in person who have had it with the surgeon you want to use. That may change your mind.

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Speaking voice masculinization

Speaking voice feminization