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Image consultants and stylists for transgender people

Some people in our community get personal services for grooming, clothing, and movement. Friendly providers can be great options for those who are not out at home, school, or work. They can be very helpful for people who are about to make a gender transition at work and need to look professional. They can also help those who are about to come out and need to build a wardrobe quickly within a budget.

Below are some of the people who offer these services. Your local LGBTQ Center may also offer classes on image consulting.

Global guides

Strands for Trans (

  • Global list of trans-friendly hair stylists

United States


Patrick Kenger- Pivot Image Consulting (

  • Scottsdale, Arizona (metro Phoenix)
  • Masculine-focused only


Annaliese Style (

  • Los Angeles
  • Transmasculine, transfeminine, and gender expansive

Fox & Hanger (

  • Metro San Francisco, California
  • Feminine-focused


  • Beverly Hills, California (Los Angeles metro)
  • All genders

District of Columbia

Lynne Glassman – Doctor of Dress (

  • Washington, D.C. metro area
  • Feminine-focused


Jamie S. Weiss (

  • Boca Raton, Florida (metro Miami)
  • Feminine-focused


Total Image Consultants (

  • Metro Boston, Massachusetts
  • Feminine-focused

New York

Amanda Sanders (

Veronica Vera (

  • New York City, New York
  • Feminine-focused


Christina Róbert (

  • Feminine-focused


The Etiquette Consultant (

  • Feminine-focused

United Kingdom

Born (

  • Feminine-focused

Trans.Style (

  • Feminine-focused

The Etiquette Consultant (

  • Feminine-focused

Rachel Watson (

  • Feminine-focused

Maggi Green (

  • Feminine-focused


  • Arianna Bregoli (
  • Carla’s (
  • Fem Image / Denae Doyle (
  • Nouveau She by Monica Prata ( /
  • Trans-Image Consulting Group (


Association of Image Consultants International – AICI (