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Nevada transgender resources

Below are resources in Nevada for our community, part of this site’s American resources by state. See also major US-based trans websites and national advocacy groups.


Transgender surgery options in Nevada

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (

Planned Parenthood (


National Center for Transgender Equality (

Human Rights Campaign (

Williams Institute (

In June 2003 a reader sent the following:

I found a site that has legal forms that can be filled out online and printed.
The forms only apply to Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas, Green Valley, Laughlin, and Boulder City)

In July 2003 I got this note:

I had my name legally changed in Carson City, Nevada in Sept of 1998. The fee was $650.00, handled by a lawyer. In my case it was paid for by the state as I was in a job rehabilitation project and had a sympathetic case manager but I believe the fee would have been the same if paid for by myself (price may have changed by now). I did not have to appear in court, the lawyer handled eveything and I received my certified papers about 4 weeks after seeing the lawyer. The notice was published in the Reno paper, which is also sold here, but I never had any comments from people I had known about it. I had checked into the ‘do it yourself’ method and had heard it was a hassle with lots of running around, misdirection by court employees, numerous notifications of incomplete and incorrectly filled out documents, etc.