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Washington transgender surgery

Surgeons in the United States who are based in the state of Washington and offer services for transgender and gender diverse people include:


Bryan McIntosh (

Rikesh Parikh (


Plastic Surgery Bellingham (

  • James Howell Blackburn II
  • Timothy M. Whitney


Lamperti Facial Plastic Surgery (

  • Thomas Lamperti


Partington Plastic Surgery & Laser Center (

  • Marshall T. Partington


The Avalon Clinic (

  • David A. Ekland
  • Robert J. Kenevan
  • Louis Potyondy
  • Myles E. Goldflies


Moscow Pullman OB/GYN (

  • Nigel Campbell
  • Ric Minudri
  • Huong Trinh


Virginia Mason Medical Center (

Sound Plastic Surgery (

  • Joshua Cooper
  • Scott Sattler

The Polyclinic (

Premier Cosmetic Surgery (

  • Lisa Precht

La Belle Vie (

  • Megan Dreveskracht
  • Tony Mangubat


Spokane Urology (

  • Bryan B. Voelzke
  • Mihai Alexianu
  • Levi A. Deters
  • David J. Mikkelsen

Stiller Aesthetics (

  • Geoffrey D. Stiller

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