A little help from my friends

I have always envisioned being able to offer a completely anonymous forum for young people who have thoughts to share about transition. Well, here it is!

One of the biggest problems about information for young people in our community is that the people with the best information usually can't share it because they want to maintain their privacy. I'm going to change all that by adding a section where even totally stealth people can share advice without worrying about being outed.

Here are some of the helpful letters I've received, with my comments:

I also recommend checking out my section called Collected Wisdom from older women. Some if it applies to women of any age!

Would you like to make an anonymous contribution?

If you transitioned in your teens or twenties and have any advice you'd like to share, please contact me , and I'll give it a permanent (and anonymous) home.

Please note: it may take me a couple of weeks to get back to you.

First and foremost: your identity will never be revealed to anyone! I am absolutely aware of how difficult it is to be stealth, and I would never, ever jeopardize that. Two of my closest TS friends are totally stealth, and I am in contact with many members of the community who are also stealth. Even those of us who aren't stealth value our privacy, and I take great pains to assure that anonymous contributors remain anonymous.

I will not put your advice on my site with your real name.

I will not include any contact information for you.

I will remove any information in the submission that identifies who or where you are.

I will also add my own comments following yours.

I do verify the identity of all submitters to ensure that their information is really from an early-transitioning TS. Again, any information I get while verifying your identity will never be seen by anyone else.

My policy on questions I get about your submissions:

If I get any questions or comments about your page, I will send them to you (unless you'd prefer not to get them). The person who sent it will never get your real name or email address, and you will never get theirs. If you'd like to respond to any of the notes, I'm happy to forward your response in the same manner. However, you are under no obligation to respond. If the writer has a question, I will try to answer it myself, and I tell them that my "guest writers" usually don't respond to questions.

I will never put two people in contact, even if both would like to contact each other. The only exception is if I have met both women in person.

I understand the trust you place in me by contacting me, and I make it my utmost priority to protect your privacy.