Transitioning early in life: Contribution guidelines

The problem

The most successful young transsexuals (those who are totally stealth) have no online voice, simply because doing so would jeopardize what they have worked so hard for.

Two of my very best friends are deep stealth, and several other close friends are stealth to one degree or another. They have amazing insights that can only come from being deep stealth, sexually active, and postop many years.

The solution

I have finally figured out a great way to allow women who are stealth to share their advice with other young transitioners anonymously!

Send me your advice!

If you transitioned in your teens or twenties and have any advice you'd like to share, please contact me , and I'll give it a permanent (and anonymous) home.

Here's what I ask you to consider:

What were the smartest things you did in transition, and what things do you wish you did differently?

In addition, I am collecting stories and advice on coming out to parents and going full-time.

Absolutely anonymous!

Contact information you send will never be seen by anyone but me.

Your information will be put up under a fake name.

Anything that might give hints as to your identity or location will be edited out by me.

Your contact information will never appear on your page of advice.

I do not allow you to list an email contact.

I will add comments following your advice, and the only editing I will do of whatever you send will be for clarity.

If someone has a question or comment on your advice

I encourage readers to send along their own questions or comments.

If I get any that mention your page, I will forward the note to you (unless you'd prefer not to get them).

The person with the question will never get your real name, and you will never get their name.

Usually, people who write to me about my various "guest pages" send simple compliments or thank-you notes.

If you'd like to respond to any of the notes, I'm happy to forward your response. However, you are under no obligation to respond.

Confirming your identity

A couple of years ago, I got fooled by some little loser who'd set up a fake teen TS site, so ever since then, I am very careful to confirm that advice people send is legitimate.

Before I put up your information, I require that we speak briefly via phone.

This is simply to confirm that you are who you say you are.

Anyway, if you have any questions or concerns about how this works, don't hesitate to contact me. I understand the trust you place in me by contacting me, and I make it my utmost priority to protect your privacy.