Julia Serano: The Case Against Autogynephilia

Biologist Julia Serano has published a peer-reviewed analysis of ”autogynephilia,” a sex-fueled mental illness created in 1989 by psychologist Ray Blanchard. This theory emerged from a convenience sample that presented at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, a group which is unlikely to be a representative sample of the nonclinical trans population. Most trans people avoid […]

Legal troubles for Denise Tree (aka Kiira Triea) expose more lies [2007]

Denise Tree (aka Kiira Triea*) has a long history of lying to second-rate scholars who don’t independently confirm her many dubious statements before publishing them as fact. Tree is especially popular among a transphobic clique of academics that includes Simon LeVay, James Cantor, J. Michael Bailey, and Alice Dreger. They have published information provided by Tree in textbooks, papers, anthologies, […]