FFS on a scale from 1 to 10? [2007]

A reader notes:

I’m really more concerned about passing well even after the surgery… but I’ve gotten to the point that it doesn’t devastate me to not pass as long as I do the best that I can to present as a woman.  Part of doing the best that I can is to get FFS. 

Could you give me a few words on how much difference FFS typically makes in passability?  I guess what I’m fishing for here is, if 10 is complete passibility and 0 is complete non-passiblity, do you think FFS moves people from 2’s to 8’s or is it only from 2’s to 4’s? (Obviously everyone’s different, but your opinion since you’ve been through it would be very important to me)

My reply:

Obviously, everyone’s different in terms of results. I know people who have had minimal improvement, and I also know people who had even more astonishing results than I.

Based on your scale, I’d say FFS in my case took me from a 2 to a 6 on a passing scale, with voice and electrolysis taking me up to a 9+ in total. Remember, there’s a difference between passing and looking good. I know some beautiful women who are clearly TS, and some very homely women who are unclockable.

FFS is not a magic way to pass. Change the things you feel you want to, and don’t worry about the others. Voice is probably the second most important thing if your face is within female range.

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