Passing as male after FFS? [2007]

A reader notes:

I’ve had an FFS consultation and would really, really, like to get facial surgery.  I need to work as a male for 4 more years until I retire and then can go full time.  (I’m 51) The surgeon has told me that passing as a male should not be a problem, but he seems to do such a wonderful feminization job that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to remain employed as a male after surgery.  It looks like you had similar concerns during your transition.  Do you think it’s possible to get FFS and still pass as a male on the job?

My reply:

Yes, I think it’s quite possible to pass as male after surgery. I could pass as male right now if I really wanted to. You may need to take extra steps. I found that I needed to use my male voice when I encountered people I didn’t know to avoid being ma’amed, but if you get the surgery and hold off on a face lift, the jaw work won’t be noticeable to most.

The main thing is to overcompensate after face work: masculine clothes, no brow plucking, no earrings or painted nails, etc. The longer you go, the more likely you’ll get ma’amed now and then, but with a conscientious effort on your part, the only thing you might need to do is explain away a nose job or something.

For most people, it comes down to whether you want people to notice or not. If you make a serious effort to pass as male, you’ll be fine. FTMs at all stages of transition do it all the time.

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