Obtaining female hormones at 16? [2007]

A reader notes:

Hi, I’m a 16 (almost 17) year old MtF transsexual, I have a question about the age limit on receiving hormones or if you require a parent’s consent to receive a prescription for hormones if you are under 18. I already have a therapist but I haven’t discussed hormone issues yet. Thanks, great site btw 


My reply:

Technically, you need your parents’ permission, but some people have gotten around that. I think it’s the best way to do it. If you think it will be a problem (sounds like your parents don’t know), you should at least try to get on an androgen blocker as soon as possible. And if you have a choice, I recommend getting injectible hormones when you’re ready. I think they’re more effective.


Talk with your therapist to see what they think. Maybe they can help you decide how to handle the parent thing. If you think your doctor will be cool, you might ask them, too, but they’ll probably require parental permission. Kind of like the ultimate field trip! 

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