I plan to write an irregular series of essays as needed, outlining philosophical and theoretical issues that have an effect on our community and beyond.

Because of the complexities of the issues, some of these essays are not going to be easy reading. Once I have them finalized, I will write summaries in down-to-earth language that anyone can easily understand.

For now, I hope to put them out there to correct misunderstandings which arise in the course of the debate.

I hope these help shape and focus the debate for you and nourish your thinking on these matters as we move forward. As always, comments are welcome.


Transcendence 1: Under the spell of science

This addresses accusations that I am "anti-science" and gives an overview of some ethical issues raised by first-wave sexologists like Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence.

Transcendence 2: Gender terrorists

A short commentary on a Department of Homeland Security press release warning that "male bombers may dress as females."

Transcendence 3: Thresholds

A reply to a post from Kendra Blewitt regarding my comments about those who identify as "autogynephiles."