United Kingdom transgender resources

Press for Change (pfc.org.uk)

Trans Media Watch (transmediawatch.org)

a:gender (agender.org.uk)

  • Support network for staff in Government Departments and Agencies, covering all aspects of gender reassignment, gender identity, gender expression and Intersex.

Gender Identity Research and Education Society – GIRES (gires.org.uk)

The Beaumont Society (beaumontsociety.org.uk)

The Gender Trust (gendertrust.org.uk)

Transgender Zone (transgenderzone.com)

  • Practitioner listings

Gendys Network (gender.org.uk/gendys)

In-Trust Merseyside (merseysideintrust.org)

GALOP (galop.org.uk)

  • Support for LGBT people facing abuse and harassment

Pink Therapy (pinktherapy.com)

Transcend (transcend.org.uk)

  • Derby’s transgender support group.

Transit (transit.org.uk)

  • Advice for transgender people, including non-binary and intersex

Trans Safety Network (transsafety.network)

  • records evidence of organised harm against trans people in the UK

Gender Plus (genderplus.com)

  • Private health services for gender diverse people
  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Dublin

Northern Ireland

Transgender NI (transgenderni.org.uk)

  • Northern Ireland resources


Scottish Trans (scottishtrans.org)

UK youth

Mermaids (mermaidsuk.org.uk)

  • for young people in transition

Stonewall Housing (stonewallhousing.org)

  • housing for LGBT people age 16-25 +housing support line

Gendered Intelligence (genderedintelligence.co.uk)

  • Trans youth group (16-24) + trans trainings for school/businesses.

Family support

Depend (depend.org.uk)

In Front Of You (infrontofyou.weebly.com)

  • Forum for parents of trans youth.


The Sibyls (sibyls.gndr.org.uk)

  • Confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and supporters.


The UK Intersex Association (ukia.co.uk)

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