Historic transgender websites

Transgender websites are difficult to maintain over time. The sites below have been important transgender community resources, but became dormant or went offline.


These sites and forums are still online but have not been updated recently.

Transgender USENET Archive (mith.umd.edu/research/transgender-usenet-archive)

  • It’s impossible to overstate the historical significance of USENET for developing the online transgender community.

AOL Transgender Community Forum

  • Another driving force in early online resources.

Dallas Denny (dallasdenny.com)

  • One of the great keepers of our community’s collected wisdom.

Lynn Conway (lynnconway.com)

Jennifer Diane Reitz (transsexual.org)

  • A wonderful early resource with the first playful design.

Madeline Wyndzen (genderpsychology.org)

  • Great information from a gender-fluid academic psychologist.

Anne Vitale (avitale.com)

  • Therapist with decades of experience helping trans people.

Melanie Anne Phillips (heartcorps.com/journeys)

  • One of the inspirations for my own transition and for this site.

Aunt Jenny (antijen.org)

  • One of the best early advocates for trans youth.

Melinda Green (superliminal.com/melinda)

MyTransHealth (mytranshealth.com)

  • Selected legal and medical listings for New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, & Seattle, curated by Kade Clark, Amelia Gapin and Robyn Kanner.

The Looking Glass Society (looking-glass.greenend.org.uk)

  • UK-based resources for trans youth.

Donna Rose (donnarose.com)

  • American author, podcaster, and activist.

Carla Antonelli (carlaantonelli.com)

  • Spanish politician.

GenderTalk (gendertalk.com)

  • Long-running American podcast by Gordene MacKenzie and Nancy Nangeroni.

GenderWellness (genderwellness.org)

Alison (nuttycats.com)

  • UK-based forum.

Transgender ASIA (transgenderasia.org)

  • English-language Asian resources by Sam Winter

Transgender Europe (tgeu.net)

  • EU-based information.

Phyllis Randolph Frye (transgenderlegal.com)

  • American lawyer, activist, and jurist.

Yahoo and Google Groups

Yahoo was the group forum service of choice prior to the advent of Facebook.

NYAGRA mailing list (A prominent rights group in New York) 

transsexual-uk (United Kingdom focus) 

FFS Support ( Facial Feminization Surgery) 

Transsistahs-Transbrothas (focused on people of African descent) 

Trans Couples: MTFs and FTMs Together (couples where both partners are trans)

Trans Theory

Trans Academics


Many of these are available via archive.org. If you remember an important site that’s offline, send it in!

  • Rebecca Allison (drbecky.com)
  • Matt Kailey (tranifesto.com)
  • Nick Gorton (nickgorton.org)
  • Teresa (beginninglife.com and beginninglifeforums.com)
  • Heather Jean Lamborn (heathers.net)
  • Diane Wilson (dianewilson.us/gender/)
  • TransGenderCare (transgendercare.com)
  • Jillian T. Weiss (transworkplace.ning.com)
  • TSVoice (tsvoice.com)
  • Beginning Life Forums (beginninglifeforums.com
  • gender.org
  • Transray (transray.com)
  • Gender Advocacy Internet News
  • Transe-Generation (transe-generation.com)
  • Emily Hobbie (genderpeace.com)
  • Annie Richards (secondtype.com • anniesrichards.tripod.com • transwoman.tripod.com)
  • TG Life Forums (tglifeforums.com)
  • What Is Transgender? (whatisgender.net/forum)
  • Sally’s Resource Morsel (tsresource.info)
  • Genderlife Forum (genderlife.com/forum)
  • Tranny Web (trannyweb.com)
  • TransgenderPoint (tgpoint.com)
  • eTransgender (etransgender.com)
  • Strap-on (Strap-on.org)
  • Jamie Faye Fenton (transgender.org)
  • JoAnn Roberts (cdspub.com)
  • TransActive (transactiveonline.org)
  • Transcend Ireland (transcendireland.myfreeforum.org)
  • Australian Transsexual Support Network (atsnaustralia.org)
  • FTM Australia (ftmaustralia.org)
  • Ausgender (ausgender.com.au)
  • Canberra Transgender Network (canberratransgendernetwork.webs.com)
  • Carrousel Club of South Australia (carrouselclubofsouthaustralia.com.au)
  • Chameleon Society (chameleonswa.org)
  • Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust (carmenrupe.org)
  • Terri Main (emergenceministries.org)
  • Jade Catherine Devlin (tgchristian.humanfish.net)
  • Sequoia Blessed (sequoiablessed.info)
  • Lee Frances Heller Love Letter aka the Grace & Lace Letter (hometown.aol.com/GnLNews)
  • Leyla’s Chayhane (geocities.com/leylasuhagi)
  • Zoey’s Hope (zoeshope.googlepages.com)
  • Authentikate (authentikate.com)
  • The Interfaith Working Group (iwgonline.org)
  • Interweave Continental (interweavecontinental.org)
  • The Temple of Cybele (cybele2.com)
  • TransFM (transfm.org)
    • The Talking Tranny – Susan Moses (talkingtranny.com)
    • Trannywreck – Rebecca Marie Nay (trannywreck.com)
    • The Radical Trannies – Ethan and Karen St. Pierre
    • TransPhilly Radio – Stasha Goliaszewski (transphillyradio.org)
  • Katrina Rose (katrinarose.com)
  • Gianna E. Israel (counselsuite.com)
  • Gender Matters (gender-matters.org.uk)
  • National Trans Police Association (ntpa.org.uk)
  • T House (t-house.me)
  • Transkids (transkids.synthasite.com)
  • Trans Care Trust (transhelp.net.nz)
  • Canadian Transsexual Fight For Rights (ctffr.org)
  • The International Transsexual Sisterhood (the-sisterhood.net)
  • Karen Gurney & Kate Clarke W-O-M-A-N Network (w-o-m-a-n.net)
  • Australian Transsexual Support Network (atsnaustralia.org)
  • Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines – STRAP (m2fstrap.org)
  • Transgender Taiwan (transgender-taiwan.org)
  • Transgender in Thailand (home.att.net/~leela2)
  • European TS (europeants.org)
  • Disforia de Genero (disforiadegenero.org)
  • Gay Lesbian International Therapist Search Engine – GLITSE (glitse.com)
  • Kay Brown (transhistory.org • transhistory.net)
  • Danielle Nika Askini (nikaaskini.com)
  • Joanne Herman (joanneherman.com)
  • Gallery of Goddesses (geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/9200 • escape.to/tsvalhalla)
  • Just Evelyn (justevelyn.com)
  • Vancouver Trans Advocacy Group – VanTAG (vantag.org)
  • Gender Odyssey Family (genderodysseyfamily.com)
  • Youth Resource (youthresource.com) http://www.youthresource.com/feat/trans/art_health.htm
  • TransProud (transproud.org)
  • Nika Askini (nikaaskini.com)
  • Crystalline Phoenix Group (crystallinephoenixgroup.com)
  • TransAlba Transsexual Support (transalba.org)
  • LAMBDA (lambda.org)
  • Amberspace (amberspace.net)
  • Lynn (tglynnsplace.com)
  • Chloe Prince (pinkessence.com)
  • Julie Simpson (ozemail.com.au/~ghostv/JuliesHomePage.htm)
  • Andrea Bennett (mindspring.com/~arblaw)
  • TGNOW.com (tgnow.com)
  • ABGender.com (abgender.com)
  • Transparentcy (transparentcy.org)
  • Over The Rainbow (overtherainbow.org.au)
  • Caitlin H. (road-less-traveled.com)
  • DaleLynn Sims (kindredspiritlakeside.homestead.com)
  • Ruby’s Journal (rtaylor36.tripod.com)

Controversial dormant/offline sites

  • Crissy Wild (crissywild.com)
  • Albany Clinic (albany-gender-clinic.com)
  • Transkids (transkids.us)
  • Anne Lawrence (annelawrence.com)
  • The Autogynephilia Resource (autogynephilia.org)

Merged or moved sites

  • lauras-playground.com merged to transgenderpulse.com
  • tssupport.com merged to transadvice.org
  • tsroadmap.com merged to transgendermap.com
  • transfaithonline.org moved to transfaith.info
  • intersexualite.org rebuilt at oiiinternational.com