New Zealand transgender resources


Department of Internal Affairs (

In September 2003 a reader sent the following:

New Zealand:

(1) Download form BDM120 (change of name by Statutory
Declaration) from Births, Deaths and Marriages

(2) Fill out the form (old name, new name, sign here).
The signature on page 2 has to be witnessed by
someone authorized under the Oaths and Declarations
Act (lawyer, notary public, government officer etc).
I used a U.S. notary public without problem.

(3) Mail in with the fee and birth certificate or other
evidence of date/place of birth. Currently the fee
is NZ $125 if born in New Zealand, $80 if not.
Plus $20 for each official copy of the declaration
required. Credit cards accepted.
(Ouch! that’s doubled since I did it a couple of
years ago).

(4) wait about 2-3 weeks…
I changed my name in both New Jersey and New Zealand. I won’t
try to recount the details of getting a New Jersey court order
(the forms and procedure differ by county…) Suffice to say
New Zealand was far easier, quicker and cheaper, despite
not currently living there.