Driver's License

Disclaimer: This is legal talk, not legal advice. Laws vary by state, and some of the information discussed on this page may not be applicable in your case. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information and provide it without warranty. Laws change and this information may contain errors and omissions. It is up to you to confirm any information herein by doing your own research.

Changing your drivers license is not a substitute for a court order for name change. You need to get your legal name change in court. Failure to do so may mean you are not legally considered your new name, which can lead to legal problems involving employment, marriage and other matters down the road.

Some states are beginning to link their Department of Motor Vehicles records with Social Security records. You may need to get your Social Security name change before your driver's license in some states. You may also need to get your birth certificate change (where available) based on your state's requirements.

Alaska: In 2012, Alaska policy was amended to allow trans people to change their gender designation without major surgery.

Colorado: You must go to the DMV and request form "DR 2083" titled "Medical Information Authorization (Change of Sex Identification)". This form is NOT available online and an associate at the DMV cannot just hand you the form. For more information, please see the Colorado transgender resources page.

Wisconsin: DOT- DIS division allows gender change on drivers license prior to surgery, or if no surgery is planned. A person must be under the care of a therapist , psychologist, or psychartrist and that care person can then write what is commonly know as a "Carry Letter" for the TG person in question. The TG person can be enrolled in a transgender program leading to SRS/GRS or not. Wisconsin does link their driver record with the SSA, but this should not be a problem as long as the SSN, Name, Address, Age, etc. is all correct.

Idaho: Issued a ruling indicating they would make certain changes without surgery, then rescinded that ruling around 2012. In 2013 they reinstated the earlier ruling that they would make certain changes without surgery.

Illinois: The Medical Report required has a Mental Health and Physical portion. If you do not require the physical part completed for other reasons, the Mental Health part should suffice. A reader writes in 2010: "I assume that the demand for additional information was based on 92 Ill Adm. Code 1030.16 subsection (i)(1). This portion of the Adm. Code is not applicable to me as the first line of 92 Ill Adm. Code 1030.16 subsection (i) reads: “If, pursuant to subsection (a)” and as your records should indicate, I have not been subject to any part of 92 Ill Adm. Code 1030.16 subsection (a)(1-5)." See the Illinois name change page for more.

United Kingdom: When you change your gender and name in the UK it is important that you notify the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) as soon as possible. To do this you will need to send off your current driving license along with the relevant form so that your new license can be issued. Provided you follow the correct procedure you should receive your new driving license within approximately three weeks. Further information can be found on the following page: