Transgender Tapestry

Transgender Tapestry is an American media organization for the transgender community. It was published as a printed news source from 1979 to 2008. It is an important historical document of the trans community. Before the proliferation of online resources, it was an important source of information and connection for the transgender community.

Founded by Merissa Sherrill Lynn and published as a newsletter by the Tiffany Club as The TV-TS Tapestry, it was later called Tapestry and The Tapestry Journal before becoming Transgender Tapestry, a quarterly magazine published by the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE).

Of note was its contemporary coverage of the the 2003 controversy around the publication of The Man Who Would Be Queen by J. Michael Bailey. Key coverage includes:

The Ups and Downs of J. Michael Bailey. Transgender Tapestry #104, Winter 2004, p. 53.

Concerns about Dr. Anne Lawrence. Transgender Tapestry; Spring 2004, Issue 105, p. 13.


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