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The Northwestern Chronicle is a conservative student media organization at Northwestern University, published sporadically since 1992.


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Its favorable coverage of J. Michael Bailey under editor Robert VerBruggen included actionable libel published about me, later retracted.

Founded in the spring of 1992, The Chronicle was “derecognized” in 1998 by the student government. It later won the right to publish.

VerBruggen editorship

In 2005, VerBruggen allowed Bailey to publish an article about himself and various controversies, claiming he is a victim of “academic McCarthyism.” Bailey included several related items, including one by transgender troll Willow Arune. Arune’s incompetent cyberstalking of me led Arune to claim that I had filed bankruptcy and lied about having a master’s degree. Arune had made these false claims on USENET, but VerBruggen was the first to let Arune make them in an edited publication. After a lot of correspondence, I finally got VerBruggen to retract all the actionable libel about me in the publication he edited.

After VerBruggen

Bailey and VerBruggen were removed from the masthead in 2007. Its last print edition was in 2011. It was dormant for several years before returning at a new domain in 2016 to 2017.

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