Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is an American media organization. It is a trade publication covering academia. Its coverage of controversies involving the academic exploitation of sex and gender minorities has had a consistently pro-academia bias.

Notable editors

Notable contributors

Alice Dreger is both a contributor and recipient of favorable coverage under editor Michael G. Riley.

  • Dreger, Alice (October 23, 2019). Napoleon Chagnon Is Dead
  • Dreger, Alice (July 29, 2018). The Delicate Art of Dealing With Your Archivist.
    • Brenes, Michael (August 2, 2018). Historians Just Don’t Get Archivists. Here’s Why.
    • Zanish-Belcher, Tanya (August 1, 2018). Allies in the Stacks.
    • McCartney, David (August 1, 2018). Seven Additional Types of Archivists
  • Dreger, Alice (May 11, 2018). Why I Escaped the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’
  • Dreger, Alice (October 1, 2017). Take Back the Ivory Tower.
  • Dreger, Alice (November 27, 2016). Step In, or Look Away?

Robin Wilson

  • Wilson, Robin (September 3, 2016). Citing Safety Concerns, Northwestern U. Bans Tenured ‘Gadfly’ Professor From Campus.
  • Wilson, Robin (December 10, 2004). Northwestern U. Will Not Reveal Results of Investigation Into Sex Researcher.
  • Wilson, Robin (December 1, 2004). Northwestern U. Concludes Investigation of Sex Researcher but Keeps Results Secret.
  • Wilson, Robin (December 19, 2003). Northwestern U. Psychologist Accused of Having Sex With Research Subject.
  • Wilson, Robin (December 12, 2003). Northwestern U. Psychologist Is Accused of Having Sex With Research Subject.
  • Wilson, Robin (July 25, 2003). Transsexual ‘Subjects’ Complain About Professor’s Research Methods.
  • Wilson, Robin (July 17, 2003). 2 Transsexual Women Say Professor Didn’t Tell Them They Were Research Subjects.
  • Wilson, Robin (June 20, 2003). ‘Dr. Sex.’
    • Nash, Barbara P. (August 1, 2003). The Science Involved in a New Book About Transsexuals.

Tom Bartlett

  • Bartlett, Tom (August 26, 2015). Star Scholar Resigns From Northwestern, Saying It Doesn’t Respect Academic Freedom.
  • Bartlett, Tom (March 10, 2015) Reluctant Crusader.
  • Bartlett, Tom (February 12, 2013). An Anthropologist, Once Accused of Genocide, Tells His Story at Last
  • Glenn, David and Bartlett, Thomas (December 3, 2009). Rebuttal of Decade-Old Accusations Roils Anthropology Meeting Anew
  • Bartlett, Thomas (October 24, 2003). Did a University Let a Sex Researcher Go Too Far?

David L. Wheeler

  • Wheeler, David L. (July 21, 1993). Study Suggests X Chromosome Is Linked to Homosexuality.
  • Wheeler, David L. (March 17, 1993). Search for the Homosexual Gene in Study of Lesbians.
  • Wheeler, David L. (February 5, 1992). Studies Linking Homosexuality to Genes Draw Criticism From Researchers.
  • Wheeler, David L. (December 18, 1991). A Genetic Component of Homosexuality Is Strongly Indicated.

Additional coverage

This coverage is tangentially related to academic exploitation of transgender people.

  • Traldi, Oliver (April 23, 2018). Don’t Be Fooled: There Is a Free-Speech Crisis.
  • Chan, J. Clara (July 6, 2017). A Common Plea of Professors: Why Can’t My Faculty Senate Pull More Weight?
  • Brown, Sarah (March 19, 2017). In a Polarized Climate, Free-Speech Warriors Seize the Spotlight.
  • Schmidt, Peter (March 3, 2017). Northwestern U. Is Accused of Violating Academic Freedom.
  • Peace, William J. (August 31, 2015). Sexual Healing.
  • Wood, Peter (April 16, 2012). How to Apologize.
  • Riley, Naomi Schaefer (May 11, 2011). No Sex for You.
  • Riley, Naomi Schaefer (March 10, 2011). Heads Will Roll! (Sometimes.)
  • Huckabee, Charles (March 3, 2011). Northwestern U. Students Get After-Class Demonstration of Sexual Act.
  • Gusterson, Hugh (January 9, 2011). What if They Had a Science War and Only One Side Showed Up?
  • Jackson, John L. Jr. (December 3, 2009). Day One at the Anthropology Meetings.
  • Monaghan, Peter (September 9, 2005). Investigating bisexuality in men.
  • Shea, Christopher (November 22, 1996). A Scholar Links Sexual Orientation to Childhood Gender Roles.
  • Burd, Stephen (September 9, 1992). 3 Research Institutes Return to the NIH.


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