Helen Joyce vs. transgender people

Helen Joyce is an Irish author and sex segregationist who has made a number of eliminationist statements about trans and gender-diverse people.

  • “we have to try to limit the harm and that means reducing or keeping down the number of people who transition.”
  • “every one of those people is basically, you know, a huge problem to a sane world.”

Joyce is also Director of Advocacy at Sex Matters.


Joyce was born in 1968 in Dublin, Ireland, the oldest of nine children. Her family moved to Bray, County Wicklow. Joyce moved to England at age 16 to study musical theatre but dropped out.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Trinity College Dublin in 1991. She earned a doctorate in mathematics from University College London in 1995 followed by postdoctoral work.

Starting in 2000 she began doing public outreach and writing to bring math to a lay audience. In 2005 Joyce became education correspondent for The Economist, where she worked until 2022.

Joyce was raised Irish Catholic but now identifies as atheist. Joyce lives in Cambridge with her husband and two sons.

Anti-transgender activism

In July 2018, Joyce curated a series of articles on transgender identity in The Economist. In December of that year she wrote “The New Patriarchy: How Trans Radicalism Hurts Women, Children—and Trans People Themselves” for Quillette.

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

 Her 2021 book Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality was favorably reviewed by fellow gender critical activists Kathleen Stock and Jesse Singal.


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