Ethan Boatner and transgender people

Ethan B. Boatner (born 1941) also known as E.B. Boatner, is a Minnesota-based book reviewer for Lavender. He made a gender transition around age 60 and was the only transgender man to publish a positive review of The Man Who Would Be Queen when it came out in 2003, writing in part:

…a highly readable and well-researched book… Most interesting: his differentiation of the autogynephilic and homosexual transsexual; and his examination of the latest theories of the roles biology and genetics may play in gender determination. Detailed, but never dry. A fascinating book.

Page Boy column, Lavender

His review was cited in promotional materials by publisher Joseph Henry Press.

Boatner also wrote a dramatic trilogy on trans topics called Changes in Time that was performed in 2013. He also teaches at University of Minnesota.


Townsend, John (May 2, 2013). E.B. Boatner’s Sweeping Trans Play Trilogy Reveals How Our Time Shapes Who We Are. Lavender.