Silicone injections

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OK, this may surprise everybody, but I have advice for people seeking silicone injections, and it's not a blanket condemnation. This procedure is illegal and very dangerous, but there are still people out there doing it, just like heroin. Rather than just say, "Don't do heroin," it's better to get heroin users to reduce their risks. The same is true with silicone. This will always be a problem in our community as long as there are young and poor women desperate for quick and cheap feminization of their faces and bodies.

Make no mistake, injected silicone can and does kill several transgender women a year and disfigures many more. Rather than just say it's bad, it's important to get the word out with examples of why it's bad. So you can decide if the risks are worth it.

I've compiled a list of recent articles on the topic as well as selected medical data, starting with published reports of death and disfigurements in our community. I've also started a list of tips on minimizing risks.

The most common causes of death immediately following a silicone injection are from an immune response which causes the lungs to fill with fluid, or from a pulmonary embolism. Imagine literally drowning in mucus and silicone filling your lungs. Not a great way to go.

Both an immune response and an embolism can cause rapid and certain death unless immediate emergency medical attention is sought at the first sign of itchiness, dizziness or difficulty breathing. One way to reduce risk is to do tiny amounts in several sessions, rather than huge amounts, especially on the first session.

Below: a woman who got silicone injections into her breasts for two years, starting at age 23. By age 29, she had been diagnosed with tumors, which required surgical removal of the silicone and tumors. She had numerous corrective surgeries following getting the silicone scraped out, which required removing more skin and eventually her nipples.

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I strongly urge you not to get silicone injections. The risks of death, injury, poor cosmetic results, and long-term problems are just too high.

I have a friend who transitioned who was a stripper for many years, and her booty is way better than anyone I've met who had silicone. She got hers through diet and specific butt exercises. She is utterly unclockable, and has the most knockout body of any woman I know personally, from our community or not. Personally, I'd give that a shot before getting pumped. But it's your call. Hope this helped.