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Hair removal

Androgen-driven hair, especially facial hair, is an almost universal problem for transsexual women. It is one of the most difficult problems to solve, and getting rid of it will often be essential for assimilation. Anyone who is planning to go full time and is even remotely considering the option of stealth is strongly advised to seek permanent facial hair removal as soon as possible in transition. For some transsexual women, it is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the entire process.

This needs to be said first and foremost: Electrolysis is the most reliable option available today that has been proven to remove transsexual facial hair permanently. Laser hair removal can be an acceptable or even preferable alternative in some cases, but laser is usually not enough by itself to remove all transsexual facial hair permanently. See the link below for more on lasers for transsexual women and options for combining electrolysis and laser.

Bottom line: If you seek permanent hair removal and cannot afford to risk your time, money, or complexion on methods that may or may not work, I recommend that you invest in electrolysis with a practitioner recommended by another transsexual woman who is done and happy. If you are considering laser, you should read the overview on laser for transsexual women below.

I have moved all information that is not specifically for transsexual women to hairfacts.com.

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29 April, 2011