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Progressive gender transition resources

This list is about politics within the trans community, not what is typically thought of as right/left, Tory/Labour, Republican/Democrat, and so on. The people below are outspoken in their agreement with some or all progressive positions of the modern trans rights movement. They often oppose those holding conservative positions about trans issues.


Progressive trans and gender diverse people may identify as one or more of the following:

Medical identities

  • may identify with an emerging identity
    • nonbinary
    • genderqueer
    • salmacian
  • may identify with a controversial social category
    • tucute
    • plural
  • may feel they have a controversial disorder or disease
    • self-diagnosed “mental illness”
  • may reject all disease models of gender identity and expression
  • may reject controversial conceptualizations and terms

Political identities

  • Progressive
  • Liberal
  • Left-wing
  • Socialist

Progressive religious or ethical identities

  • Unitarian
  • Quaker
  • Progressive Christian
  • Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)
  • Humanist
  • Agnostic
  • Atheist

Political views

Many progressive people who transition hold one or more of these views:


  • may support social, legal, and/or medical transition for young people

Sex segregation

  • may oppose sex segregated institutions including
    • sports
    • prisons
    • public accommodations like bathrooms
    • faith leaders

Gender expansive

  • may reject rigid or traditional gender roles and binaries
  • may support fluid identities and expressions
  • may consider passing and assimilating unimportant


Critics may describe progressive people who have transitioned with these labels, which are usually considered slurs:

  • “SJW” or “social justice warrior”
  • “Lib” (liberal) and variants: shitlib, libtard, etc.


Liberal and progressive people in our community include most activists and celebrities.

Historic progressive figures