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Diane Frank

Joesph Henry Press cites Diane Frank

Diane Frank is Director of Outreach and Communications for the Alpha Omega Society, a group which recently split from Tri-Ess, a national crossdressing group.

Ms. Frank was quoted on the Joseph Henry Press site, though her full comments are much more reflective of her views:

Alpha Omega Society: Psychiatric Writings

In August, Diane wrote:

I got a rather snarky reply from Mautner…but they’ve pulled our quote from the website…I had suggested that if they really wanted the proper context for quoting me they should substitute as follows:

If you really must quote us, how about “yet another version of the idea that crossdressing is only and always about sexuality (and transsexuality is just an extreme version of it), presented as if it were based on science but lacking a scientific foundation. Read it so you know what you’ll have to deal with”

Ms. Frank has also excerpted relevant passages from a common textbook being taught in American colleges: Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life (11th Edition)


Robert C. Carson (Duke U. Psychology Emeritus)

James Neal Butcher (U. of Minnesota Psychologist and a major player in the MMPI)

Susan Mineka (another Northwestern U. Psychologist)