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Cheryl Chase and transgender people

Cheryl Chase is the pseudonym of Bo Laurent an American activist associated with internet troll Denise Magner and historian Alice Dreger. All three were involved with Intersex Society of North America prior to its 2008 dissolution.

Chase was quoted about “factitious intersex” in The Man Who Would Be Queen by J. Michael Bailey:

Cheryl Chase, the intersex activist, told me that transsexuals frequently join intersex groups because they are convinced that they are also intersexual. In most cases, they are not.


Chase’s self-reported personal and medical history is murky and often contradictory. She claims she had multiple names starting at birth:

  • Brian Sullivan (1956)
  • Charlie Sullivan (1956)
  • Bonnie Sullivan (~1957)
  • Cheryl Chase (1993)
  • Bo Laurent (1995)


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