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The “” hoax website

In 2006, I helped shut down a long-running hoax website called The site used stolen images to create a fake transgender person and was used to sell pirated transgender pornography via a site called The exposé was part of this site’s ongoing work on transgender hoaxes like the now defunct Changez Le Monde and the ongoing “” hoax.

New York-based web designer Kevin Garvey maintained the site. The site allegedly featured Garvey’s girlfriend “Nancy” and sold subscriptions to a pornographic members-only area. Computer forensics led back to Garvey and partner Lainey Brophy. When presented with the evidence, Garvey claimed after taking the site down that “the person referred to as ‘Nancy’ on the boy2woman website died of complications from lyphoma [sic] on October 11.” After I created a page on the scam, Garvey sent legal threats in March and April 2007. I did not respond.

Below is an example of a manipulated photo of trans adult performer Kimberly Devine (July 17, 1976–January 29, 2016). RIP, Kim! Miss seeing you at Peanuts and Yukon!

Sample of our 2005 forensics.

This information will remain up as a matter of public interest and is fair comment. Those interested can review the evidence below.


These can be posted into the Internet Archive ( to view.