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Felix Spector (September 18, 1917–December 5, 2007) was an American physician who specialized in orchiectomy. Spector was one of the first American surgeons to use the informed consent model of care for transgender and gender diverse people, the eunuch community in particular.


Spector graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1942. Spector moved to California and later returned to Philadelphia in 1957, where he began performing orchiectomies during the late 1950s and early 1960s. He was arrested in the 1960s for performing abortions and was charged with falsifying pharmacy records, billing irregularities, and performing a castration of “grossly inferior quality.”

Spector was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease late in life and in 2002 was forced to give up his practice in Philadelphia when the medical board declared him an “immediate danger to the public health and safety.” Via the Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs:

  • Address: PHILADELPHIA PA 19147
  • Type: Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon Secondary
  • Type: N/A
  • Number: OS000181L
  • Profession: Osteopathic Medicine
  • Status: Suspension
  • Obtained By: Application
  • Issue Date: 1/9/1957
  • Expires: 10/31/2002
  • Last Renewed: 10/26/2000
  • Standing: This license is not in good standing based on the license status ‘Suspension’.
  • Disciplinary action history: Disciplinary action history exists. Please contact the Prothonotary Office at (717)772-2686.

Consumer experiences:

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Anne Lawrence (annelawrence.com)

  • The Philadelphia Experiment: Orchiectomy with Dr. Felix Spector by anonymous (undated) http://www.annelawrence.com/philadelphia.html

Anonymous (May 2003):

  • “Physician with suspended license”
  • I emailed Anne [Lawrence] detailing my personal experiences with Dr. Spector previously; but she her site remained noncommittal regarding him. I have forwarded this information to her as well.
  • (He seemed quite old to still be in practice, had a noticeable tremor in his hands and was still performing surgery, had a filthy office & touched me inappropriately during examination. I had just moved to Philly then and knew of no other resources, I should just have left his office after my first visit – but he didn’t provide more than a week or two of medication at time & I needed time to find resources. Several others have reported similar experiences – I tell you my experiences in confidence)


Lenzer J (2008). Felix Spector: Surgeon of eunuchs. BMJ. 2008 Mar 29; 336(7646): 726. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.39520.528264.BE



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  • Included essays on Feminization through hormones, on Castration, and contact information.