Marvin L. Corman archive

Marvin L. Corman (born 1939) is an American surgeon who has served our community.


Corman specializes in colorectal surgery and fistula repair. He was at USC for many years before moving to Stony Brook Medicine in New York.


Stony Brook Medicine (

Archival contact information:

  • Address: Professor of Surgery, Colon & Rectal Surgery, University of Southern California, 1450 San Pablo Street, Suite 5400 Los Angeles, CA 90033 USA
  • Phone: (323) 442-6874
  • Fax: (323) 442-5756
  • Website:
  • Email:

Indigo Pages from his time at USC: With my background and experience as an individual who has had a not inconsiderable experience with problems in this area, and having treated many patients who have undergone sex change procedures, I am uniquely qualified to deal with the complications and surgical problems that are not uncommon with individuals in these circumstances – e.g. recto-vaginal fistula, anal incontinence, and the requirement of revision. To arrange an appointment with Dr. Corman, please call (323) 442-6874.