Louisiana transgender surgery

Surgeons in the United States who are based in Louisiana and offer services for transgender and gender diverse people include:

Baton Rouge

Hanemann Plastic Surgery (hanemannplasticsurgery.com)

  • Michael S. Hanemann


Metairie Plastic Surgery (metairieplasticsurgeons.com)

  • Trey Sands
  • Succeeded Gustavo Colon (1938–2015)

New Orleans

NOLA Craniofacial (nolacraniofacial.com)

  • Partner with NOLA Transgender
  • Gerhard “Sol” Mundinger

NOLA Transgender (nolatransgender.com)

  • Cooper Benson
  • Daniel Womac
  • Jessica Shank
  • Omer Raheem

Ochsner Medical Center (ochsner.org)

  • Kristopher Katira

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