Hair transplants for transgender people

Some trans people with mild to moderate scalp hair loss get surgical hair transplants. This should be done after using other options to try to restore hair. There are good and bad things about this.

I had several sessions of hair transplants with different people, and the results were not good. Since that time, the techniques have improved, but it pays to go to the best person.

Reader report

I then went to Hasson & Wong for hair transplants. I received 4,500 hair transplants. It cost $11,000.00 at the time. It was worth every penny spent. The people there were honest and not out for money. I know another transperson that Hasson & Wong turned away even though the person was loaded with cash. They were honest with her and said it would be a waste of her money because her hair loss was too far advanced.

Post transplants my hair isn’t perfect and Hasson & Wong told me it wouldn’t be during the consultation. It is thin/fine and that is genetic from both parents. My mother could use transplants and she is in her mid 50s. Matter of fact my hair is better than my mother’s hair.

Post transplants I use Nioxon shampoo & conditioner. I still take Proscar and Minoxidil to protect my investment. It is a lifetime commitment.

I couldn’t deal with a lifetime of wigs if avoidable. 11k is a lot of money for me; I only make 39k a year. But I have a 401k and I took money it out of that fund. The penalty for withdrawing this money early was $3,000 dollars. But it was worth it. So technically the hair transplants cost me $14K.

Bad hair can ruin all attempts at a female presentation. Before the transplants without a wig I never ever passed. After the hair transplants I pass with ease. It was frustrating because my features are naturally not masculine. The face shot photo is not for public disclosure. I only include it to make a point about the passing issue and the importance of good hair. My quality of life improved so much after the hair transplants. I suppose it is equivalent to the feelings of many transwomen after FFS.