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Tish Still vs. transgender people

Tish Still is a British anti-transgender activist.


Still describes herself as “a proud radical feminist mum” who is “spreading awareness about the impact of gender ideology on women’s rights.”

Still identified in UnHerd as “the mother of a son who identifies as part of the transgender community.”

Anti-transgender activism

Still runs a website called Gender Critical Woman Blog. Still has done interviews with Erin Brewer, James of @HumanGayMale, Graham Linehan, Isla Macy of Parents Against Gender Ideology in Schools, Woman’s Place UK, and Women’s Declaration International (WDI).


Still, Tish (April 12, 2022). The truth about trans murders. UnHerd

Still, Tish (April 12, 2022). Trans BDSM Fetishist Is Advising UK Hospitals to Ignore Single-Sex Wards Law. Reduxx


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