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Timandra Harkness vs. transgender people

Timandra Harkness is a writer and comedian who has some gender critical positions about transgender youth and anti-transgender activists.


Harkness presents the BBC Radio 4 series, FutureProofing and How To Disagree. She is author of Big Data: Does Size Matter?

In her show Brainsex, she came to the correct conclusion that “brain sex” is one of many ways sex science is similar to race science: a misuse of science to justify oppression.

Anti-trans statements

She has written in anti-trans publication UnHerd about her support of anti-trans activist Kathleen Stock.

She also stated her opposition to gender affirming healthcare for transgender youth:

I support the rights of trans people to equal treatment. I don’t support encouraging teenagers into irreversible medical interventions by telling them they’re in the “wrong body” because they don’t fit narrow gender stereotypes. So I won’t sign this letter.


Harkness, Timandra (October 13, 2021). The hounding of Kathleen Stock. UnHerd


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