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Steven Crowder vs. transgender people

Steven Crowder is a conservative media personality and anti-transgender extremist.


Steven Blake Crowder was born on July 7, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan. Crowder and older sibling Jordan grew up in Montreal. Crowder began acting as a child and began doing standup at age 17. Crowder attended Champlain College for less than a year before dropping out.

In 2009 Crowder began posting satirical videos on conservative platforms, including Pajamas Media and Big Hollywood. Crowder worked at Fox News from 2009 to 2013, when they ended the relationship after Crowder made negative comments about Fox News and host Sean Hannity.

In 2017, Crowder began the Louder with Crowder show on Conservative Review’s CRTV, whic soon merged with Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze. Crowder is known for a “Change My Mind” series, where he shows up on a college campus with a provocative sign. One of the most popular is “There Are Only 2 Genders,” which has been repeated many times.

In 2019 YouTube investigated Crowder regarding comments about gay journalist Carlos Maza, but determined the racist and homophobic slurs did not violate their policies. They demonetized the channel following criticism, but allowed it again on some videos about a year later. In 2021, YouTube suspended the channel for a week and demonetized the channel again. In 2022, Crowder’s channel was suspended for two weeks for violating its policy on harassment, threats and cyberbullying. In 2023, Crowder’s channel was suspended again for featuring Alex Jones as co-host. In 2021, Crowder sued Faceboook over alleged censorship.

In 2023, Crowder got in a dispute with anti-trans organization Daily Wire following failed negotiations to join the platform. Crowder moved the show to Rumble, later partnering with Alex Jones, Nick Di Paolo, and Bryan Callen for an extended show.

Crowder and Hilary Korzon married in 2012, have dizygotic twin children, and separated in 2021. In 2023, Korzon released a recording in which Crowder was angrily yelling.

Anti-transgender activism

Samantha Riedel summarized Crowder’s long history of transphobic content:

No group has captivated Crowder’s gaze more thoroughly, however, than transgender people. Crowder was an early adopter of the post-gay marriage pivot to transphobia as a conservative business model. In the late 2010s, Crowder was already hosting sham “debates” on whether there are more than two genders, physically threatening trans people at work, and infiltrating trans groups to accuse them of indoctrinating children — years before Chaiya Raichik would perfect the grift with Libs of TikTok. Since then, Crowder has kept the volume on his transphobia at 11 by attacking trans public figures like Elliot Page and spreading disinformation, for which he was briefly suspended from YouTube.

[…] Virtually any story seems like a good excuse for Crowder to hop in a dress and spend several hours in a makeup chair to, uh, own the libs? He has dressed in drag to “go undercover” at an International Women’s Day event, where he was welcomed as a trans woman by the cisgender organizers, and wore a floral dress and wig while just hanging out in the studio to kick off “Cultural Appropriation Month” in June 2022. There was also the “Tranny Bane vs. Jihadi Bond” skit, in which Crowder managed to combine his two favorite identity cosplays into one terrible package, and my #1 draft pick: the time he tried to pose as a trans woman at Planet Fitness, where he intentionally broke gym rules by slamming weights and was quickly banned from the entire chain for life. As Twitter user @RightWingCope put it, “I’ve seen Steven Crowder crossdressing more times than I’ve seen drag queens in my whole life.”

Riedel (2023)

On November 6, 2023, Crowder released leaked notes purportedly written by the 2023 Nashville Covenant School shooter.


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