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Sarah Ditum vs. transgender people

Sarah Ditum is an English “mommy blogger,” opinion columnist, sex segregationist,¬†and anti-transgender activist.


Sarah Ruth Webster Ditum is a freelance writer and production editor based in Bath. Ditum contributes to UnHerd and other anti-trans publications.

As a teen, Ditum learned to take the sick role, pretending to be ill to avoid school. After first year at university, Ditum transferred to be near a romantic partner and almost immediately got pregnant: “Whatever had made its home in my belly had made me a mother, and I would have to catch up with that. Even as the person who made that decision, I find it hard to reconcile the ambition I had at 20 with the will to throw my lot in with maternity.”

Ditum completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees, then dropped out of a doctoral program after getting pregnant again.

Ditum started self-publishing a “mommy blog” called Paperhouse. Early gigs were for¬†Venue¬†magazine,¬†Yarn Forward,¬†and¬†Official PlayStation Magazine.

Ditum married Nathan Mark Ditum (born 1981). Ditum changed surnames because “there was already a¬†Sarah Webster¬†working as a writer.” They have two children, Maddy and Jay. Ditum is involved in the knitting community.

In 2023 Ditum incorporated Burn Book Ltd in the UK.

Anti-transgender activism

Ditum has been criticized for views on transgender issues.

Ditum got press for a 2018 Genderquake panel with Germaine Greer, Munroe Bergdorf and Caitlyn Jenner.

In 2019, Ditum criticized all-gender bathrooms at The Old Vic. The Stage later removed the piece following backlash. 

Ditum is an “autogynephilia” activist, in the same way that some people believe in “nymphomania” as a legitimate disease.


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