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Nicholas Christakis vs. transgender people

Nicholas Christakis is an American physician and academic. Christakis is considered by some to be part of the intellectual dark web.

Anti-transgender statements

In 2020, Christakis ascribed the increase in trans adolescents seeking healthcare as “social construction of medical conditions.”

On February 8, 2022, Christakis responded to a Twitter post on social contagion by anti-trans extremist Mia Hughes, saying:

I think there is a large element of social contagion with respect to transgenderism. It reminds me of previous examples including not just bulimia but also peanut allergies and (mild) autism. But this explosion of cases will likely ultimately be seen as a failure of the medical system, not a victory — a failure to clearly demarcate the small core of people for whom surgery & hormones are indicated, & the large number of others for whom other modalities are preferable.


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