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Mike Cernovich vs. transgender people

Mike Cernovich is an American far-right extremist and anti-transgender activist. Cernovich is considered part of the intellectual dark web, described as a gateway to the far right.


Michael C. Cernovich was born on November 17, 1977 in Kewanee, Illinois. Cernovich earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois at Springfield in 2001 and a law degree from Pepperdine University in 2004. Cernovich was married in 2003 and divorced in 2011. Cernovich’s spouse was a successful technology lawyer and was required to pay Cernovich a large sum in the settlement. Cernovich was admitted to the California Bar in 2013.

Cernovich started as a self-help writer. Cernovich endorses an anti-feminist “gorilla mindset” for men interested in meeting and dating women.

Cernovich is a key figure in the QAnon conspiracy that claimed Hilary Clinton was involved in a vast pedophile ring.

Cernovich is well known for trolling and no longer identifies with the alt-right, saying it is “too obsessed with gossip and drama for my tastes.”

Cernovich and second spouse Shauna announced their fourth child in 2023.

Anti-transgender activism

Cernovich once reportedly made a list of countries with the most attractive transgender women.

Cernovich also shares consistently negative news stories about transgender people.


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