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John Lloyd and transgender people

John Lloyd is a British journalist who has discussed trans issues in anti-transgender publication UnHerd.


John Nicol Fortune Lloyd was born on April 15, 1946 in Anstruther, Fife, Scotland. He attended Waid Academy there, then earned a master’s degree from University of Edinburgh in 1967. After work in the alternative press and in television production, her joined the Financial Times in 1977. In 1986 he was editor of the New Statesman for a year, then returned to FT. In 1997 he was a columnist for The Times for a year, then returned to the New Statesman until 2003. In 2006 he co-founded the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at University of Oxford. He has written several books.

He has married twice and has one son, actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd.

Reporting on trans issues

Lloyd reported on Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Gender Recognition Bill:

Every SNP minister and senior official must display their versions of this: the head Manichee, example to them all, is Sturgeon. And in the matter of the Gender Recognition Recognition Bill — which would allow children of 16 to change their gender, independently of their parents’ consent  — she deploys its mechanisms with practised skill.


London’s Tavistock Clinic, home to England’s Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), became increasingly beset with complaints and controversy. Last summer, it was closed. Scotland has its own Gids centre: the Sandyford Clinic, in Glasgow. It, too, began to receive a growing list of complaints. Last September, SinĂ©ad Watson, who started to identify as a man aged 20, and who had been prescribed testosterone treatments and had a double mastectomy, told UnHerd that she bitterly regrets it, and called for Sandyford to be closed.

The procedures and overall approaches at the Tavistock and Sandyford are not of liberation and joy, but of young men and women inadequately advised by clinicians who were, as one report noted, more concerned with “putting them quickly onto a pathway to transition”. These considerations closed the Tavistock Gids and now threaten Sandyford: they also inform the decision of the UK Government to animate a Section 35 Order under the 1998 Scotland Act — the legal basis for the Scottish parliament — which has, for the present, stymied the Scots nationalists’ momentum.


Lloyd, John (January 19, 2023). Sturgeon will lose Scotland’s trans war. UnHerd


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