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Jo Bartosch vs. transgender people

Jo Bartosch is a British writer and anti-transgender activist.


Josephine Eleanor “Jo” Bartosch was born in August 1982.

Bartosch founded the group Chelt Fems, a network of feminist activists, academics and professionals. From 2017 to 2019 Bartosch was co-director with Sadia Hameed of Gloucester-based Critical Sisters, which “offers a platform for marginal feminist opinion with particular emphasis on unravelling the twin man-made beliefs of gender and religion.”

From 2019 to 2020 Bartosch was Director of Click Off Limited. Bartosch was replaced by Edward Charles Buxton after resigning.

From 2017 to 2018 Bartosch was a Co-Director of Libra Learning Ltd. with Sadia Hameed and Emma Robertson.

From 2018 to 2022, Bartosch was a Director of Not Buying It Ltd. with Naomi Paxton, Almudena Fernandez-Alonso, Edward Charles Buxton, Rebecca Mordan, Josephine Liptrott, Kate Kerrow, Ellen Mary Grogen, Jeremy Jonathan Coutinho, and Rachel Carline Bell. Bartosch resigned in May 2022.

Bartosch has authored several reports exploring the links between violence against women and commercial sexual entertainment.


Bartosch, Jo (September 14, 2017). What about the children who said they were transgender – and then changed their minds? The Independent

Bartosch, Jo (). Why won’t progressives speak up about NHS conversion therapy? Kemi Badenoch laid out evidence of the practice in a letter today 07 FEB 2024

Bartosch, Jo (). Network Rail’s capitulation to Stonewall The railway company has been mocked for its The myth of JK Rowling’s ‘heart of darkness’ Another opinion column unfairly maligns the Harry Potter author 16 JAN 2024

Bartosch, Jo (). Britain has bigger problems than toothbrushing Keir Starmer’s jaw-dropping proposal will anger parents 12 JAN 2024

Bartosch, Jo (). Kemi Badenoch is right about Britain’s trans ‘epidemic’ Linguistic disputes can’t disguise the surge in referrals 14 DEC 2023

Bartosch, Jo (). Why is Doctor Who obsessing over pronouns? Britain’s public broadcaster is championing a niche ideology
27 NOV 2023

Bartosch, Jo (25 AUG 2023). The New York Times is finally standing up to trans censorship Advocacy groups have criticised the paper for its gender coverage

Bartosch, Jo (12 JUL 2023). Nancy Kelley leaves Stonewall in a mess The outgoing charity boss dragged a once-great organisation down a rabbit hole

Bartosch, Jo (). The problem with ‘cis’ Elon Musk has vowed to restrict the word on Twitter. 22 JUN 2023

Bartosch, Jo (13 JAN 2023). Tate criticised for Drag Queen Story Hour children’s readings Several groups claim the gallery is targeting kids with gender propaganda

Bartosch, Jo (04 MAY 2022). The Survivors’ Network succumbs to gender ideology The group is failing to provide women with all-female spaces.

Bartosch, Jo (16 FEB 2022). Unions are failing women The NEU is the latest to bow to trans activists

Bartosch, Jo (18 JAN 2022). Inside the Tory trans civil war 18 JAN 2022

Bartosch, Jo (09 DEC 2021). Inside the trans publishing purge

Bartosch, Jo (11 OCT 2021). Feminist “dinosaurs” are getting organised Protestors outside the Labour Party HQ were embracing David Lammy’s label

Bartosch, Jo (30 AUG 2018). When did women’s rights stop being human rights?

Critical Sisters Ltd Company number 10875625 Sadia Hameed and Jo Bartosch, Directors.


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